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Currency Detectors



High speed verification |Spectral analysis | Audio and code indications for a suspicious banknote | Ability to connect and to android-based mobile devices via bluetooth* | Ability to update software via bluetooth*| Counting LED display shows total amount of scanned banknotes | Additional LED display shows total quantity of scanned banknotes | Ability to connect to a PC | Software update feature | A suspicious banknote will not be added to the total result | 12 month warranty

Recognition of banknote's denomination Summation by banknote's denomination | Banknote filing mode, forward / backward | Summation mode | Audio and code indications for a suspicious banknote

The detector is designed for use by cashiers in banks, exchange offices, stores, offices, ticket offices, and other places which require fast and accurate verification of a banknote's authenticity.

Sampling tool
The service center specialist can by himself adjust the detector for any currency by means of the special software:
► Make a sampling of banknotes images for any currency
► Add a banknote’s image of new release year or of other modification
► Enter / remove from memory any face value image of an old or a false banknote
► Specify the necessary currency designation: 3 symbols.

Specifications Moniron DEC MULTI
Currency type to be verified EURO + USD + LOCAL CURRENCY
Speed detection, note/min 60
Detections 3D, UV, MG, IR, RGB
Information on the 2 LED-displays Denomination of the detected authentic banknotes
Total number of the authentic banknotes
Total value of the authentic banknotes
Error codes
Power voltage/ Power consumption, V/mA 12/800
Dimensions, mm 158x136x83
Net Weigh, kg 0,5