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Service and Guarantees

PRO INTELLECT TECHNOLOGY takes pride in creating quality and durable equipment to meet our customer’s needs. However, even the best equipment can require repair from time to time.

When purchasing equipment, be sure to consult with a manager or service specialist. They can provide important recommendations for maintaining your equipment to help guarantee its durability and long life.

All our equipment is designed to meet the durability, safety, and energy standards required by Germany law and all the other countries of Europe. We continue to improve our production abilities in an effort to not only meet, but exceed these standards.

Address of Service Centers

In the event of a malfunction of your equipment, you may contact one of our authorized service centers. We employee specialists that are specifically trained to diagnose and repair any problem you may encounter with your equipment.

Service is available worldwide through a network of PRO Intellect Technology factory-trained specialists. Consult us at www.pro-intell.com to find the service center closest to you or write an e-mail letter to our service department service@pro-intell.com

Service-Center in Europe:


Profindustry GmbH, Hermann-Buck-Weg 9, 22309 Hamburg
Tel.: +49 40 63 64 65 30