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PRO Intellect Technology operates production facilities in China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. All industrial enterprises operated by PRO are equipped with advanced equipment and manufacturing technology. We recognize that the customer’s demands and expectations from our products are constantly changing, which is why we are always striving towards expanding our facilities and developing new production technology and techniques. PRO Intellect Technology is determined to be a worldwide leader in the production of high quality electronic products.

Our production techniques are based on completing as much of the raw material to final product manufacturing in our own factories as possible. Within our industrial centers, we gather materials such as granulated plastic, metal sheets, and only a few electronic components to be processed into finished products like banknote counters, counterfeit currency detectors, and paper shredders..

Our products’ electronic circuit boards are made by modern SMD lines. This efficient method allows us to reconfigure the line for individual OEM orders. The SMD line also allows us to make high quality products at a relatively low cost.

The processes we use to handle metal in our facilities are fully automated. Metallic components that we produce are required to be made with high precision manufacturing and must not contain any defects, visible or microscopic, that are commonly seen in manual or semi-automatic production.

The manufacture of our displays, plastic and rubber components, and other accessories is also carried out with the use of advanced technology. While the equipment required to produce such high level products is expensive to purchase and maintain, PRO Intellect Technology believes that this type of investment in our company demonstrates clearly to our partners and customers, just how dedicated we are to meeting their needs for high quality products.

The production processes of PRO Intellect Technology are certified under the international standard ISO 9001:2008.