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About us

Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce innovative, affordable and easy-to-use business ideas that work for you.

Based on this principle, PRO Intellect Technology strives to develop new models, improve old models, and always embody our commitment to our customers in every product we manufacture.

Company History

PRO Intellect Technology has a history of more than 30 years. Our main activity initially was OEM manufacturing. By acquiring production facilities around the world, we were able to create modern industrial enterprises and build quality products for customers. During this time, our products could be found in various corners of the world under different brand names.

In 1998, we brought our own trademark into the fold and PRO was born. By promoting products under our own trademark, we have been better able to work closely with our customers to better understand their needs. This has allowed us to respond to our customers and to adjust our designs and manufacturing accordingly.

PRO Today

Currently, PRO Intellect Technology is a multinational corporation with offices worldwide. These branches offer service to our customers by carrying out regional support for our partners and end users. In addition, central branches are organized centers for development and adaptation of our products to the regional market.

While we remain one of the world’s largest OEM suppliers of banking and office products, a growing proportion of our total output is under our own brand names – PRO and Moniron. This combined output helps us toward our goal of being the leader in the production of banking equipment in the world.

Equipment sold under the PRO and Moniron trademarks has been gaining in popularity for years. More importantly though, our customers that have tried one PRO product, have been choosing our products again and again, as well as recommending our products to their associates. This demonstrates that we’re succeeding in our goal to provide a desirable combination of advanced technology and customer service.